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About Us

About Mohazo

Mohazo is an African trendy lifestyle brand who’s main focus is in Homeware and Personal Accessories. Mohazo existed as “Wema Arts and Crafts” producing sculptured art. Mohazo started operations 20 years ago as Wema arts and crafts and has supplied re-known chain stores and groups in USA and other parts of the world. The company was predominantly providing the market with sculptures and has now become bigger. In the spirit of diversification, it has re-established itself under the brand Mohazo to become a trendy African lifestyle designer label that brings back Africa with a refreshing spirit that is true and vibrant. 

Mohazo now designs and produces a diverse range of products to include fashion and Homeware items under different categories; kitchen & dining, living, technology, bath, outdoor, sleep and style. 

Making Mohazo

Production is a journey. Once the raw materials are selected and arrive at our handcrafts workshop, Mohazo's experienced hands carefully start breathing life into the selected material (for instance wood, consequently producing glorious pieces of art - not too many, just enough) in line with research traditional concepts and in context of urban living. We use mainly naturally available raw materials in consideration of its sustainability in this wondrous ecosystem.

Our craft merges modern lifestyles with ethnic African concepts. 

Our Vision

Mohazo aims to be number one contributor to the celebration of African culture in the current day. We shall always aim to promote innovative production of handicrafts that express African culture by being relevant to the changing lifestyles in a definitive conspicuous manner all around the world.

It is our intention that when you come in contact with a Mohazo object, you meet a unique brand that possesses energy, warmth and intelligence. Cheerful and always practical.

What We Value

  1. We are committed to fair interaction with our critical buyers and our essential handicraft partners. We believe that all is enduring with respect for each other.
  2. Pride in being African. It is what we stand for and desire to share with the world.
  3. Practical in is the heart of African design. We take this approach into every aspect of the business in recognizing the value of technology and modern business operation systems. It is a belief we carry in our designs for modern contemporary living. 
  4. Relevance. Like the winds change, so do the needs of modern consumer. From economic crunches to winter collections, we intend to stay relevant. We are open to suggestions in making our products valuable for modern day living as we infuse the concept we value so dearly.
  5. Professionalism. Inevitable for any successful business. Our delivery process has secured global retail outlets contracts and continues to do so. We continue to remain committed to this process as we engage in ISO certification.

 Who we are

It is a family name. As a brand, Mohazo captures the glamour of African Ethnic spirit through creative innovation. Our contemporary style is unparalled. It's truly magic born in Africa. 

Our company logo is composed of white marks on a brown background. This represents the beauty marks that were done on faces of some African tribes. The slogan, “ethnic spirit” positions the brand as African, with roots dating from time immemorial. Mohazo presents bounty uniqueness from Mother Africa.

The organization behind the brand, location

The organization is managed by Zohra supported by a strong design team working with a team of skilled craftsmen. The workshop is located in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya.