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Kenya is a country of arts, wildlife, landscapes, lakes, tropical coastline, culture, history and friendly welcoming people. Kenya has geographical diversity from snow-capped peaks, a Rift Valley with extinct volcanoes and hot springs, wide open plains, forest and coastline with reefs and magnificent beaches. Kenya tourist infrastructure is well developed with hotels, lodges, campsites an efficient transport system and lots of activities make Kenya a popular tourist destination.

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi and the main city on the coast is Mombasa. The coast is hot and humid all year round and consists of beaches, coral cliffs and reefs, creeks and coral islands. The area between the coast and Nairobi is dry and arid and climbs up to the higher lands that start in Nairobi.

Kenya has a land area of just over 500,000 square kilometers which is about the size of France. The equator cuts through the middle. To the east is the Indian ocean, to the south Tanzania and Uganda in the west. The north borders Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan. The capital is Nairobi and the other major towns are Mombasa on the coast and Nakuru in the centre and Kisumu in the west on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Arts and culture is very vibrant in Kenya, from handicrafts to weaving, theatre to film making, street dramas to documentaries, Kenya has a diverse offering in its rich cultural heritage. Due to journey of Baantu language throughout Africa it is common to note similarities across different tribes within Kenya. Each tribe is unique in its own cultural practices and handicrafts.

Mohazo brings together a collection of all these lifestyle items made by different tribes and cultures with East Africa. Come and experience them.