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The wide open outdoors is Africa, and the shade under a tree was the convening point for meetings. Elders told folklores and shared timeless wisdom seated on the ekicholong’ (turkana small handy wooden seats that were as handy as an envelope and also doubled up as a headrest). 

Mohazo’s collection of lounge-ware is designed from different types of woods, stone and other materials that vary in texture & qualities; naturally patterned Kisii soapstone that is found in nature and in only one place in the entire world – Tabaka in Kisii -Kenya; cushions splashed with African patterns; speckled coconut wood; intricate patterned bowls and many more. With this collection we intend to bring texture, form and layers of signature ethnicity, giving your living room an edge.

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Soapstone Animal Carvings ..
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Hand curved wooden walking sticks ..
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Handcarved Wooden Bowl, Uniquely designed for decoration purposes only.  ..
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The climbing leopards are hand-carved out of mvuli, rosewood, or local ebony wood by Kamba crafts me..
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Decorative egg is hand-carved out of natural soapstone from Kisii and beaded using the traditional M..
Ex Tax: $3.07
This door stopper is hand-made out of local wood by the Kamba carvers of Eastern Kenya. The skillful..
Ex Tax: $2.02
The mirror frames are hand made using locally availabel hardwood with a variety of engravings and co..
Ex Tax: $123.00